Maxine and Todd

What I remember most from Maxine and Todd’s wedding was how much fun it was.  I sported an effortless grin the entire day - transparent on those around me as well.  Driving up Mt. Glorious, wipers at full speed, I wondered if the intensity would linger all day but it didn’t, it rained, the sun broke out, it sprinkled, it rained a bit more and for a large part of the day we had this magnificent fog creep across and through the trees, letting you step into a movie set (of sorts). At night, during speeches the thunder made a guest appearance between pauses, the weather gods, I could only believe, had deliberately orchestrated an amazing sound track. I'm so thankful to have amazing clients full of creative visions + love and so very thankful/fortunate/over-the-moon to be doing what I love myself.

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